I NOSTRI EVENTI // Pre/menstrual dis/ease for health and social practitioners, in collaboration with MEDULLA


Medulla in cooperation with Salutare e.V.



Pre/menstrual dis/ease

New frameworks and tools

to transform symptoms
into insight and (self)care

Location Trixiewiz e.V.
Location Trixiewiz e.V.

Saturday 16 November 2019

whole day seminar h11 – h18.30


CONCEPT Cyclical thinking and body literacy for female health


LOCATION: Trixiewiz e.V.,  Bernkasteler Strasse 78 – 13088 Weißensee Berlin


DATE: Saturday 16.11.19  whole day seminar 11 AM – 6:30 PM


EARLY BIRD ends October 1 !!

Find all info and buy your ticket on Eventbrite at https://bit.ly/2lVBUew




Addressed to scientists, health and social workers, but open to all people concerned in observing and interpreting the menstrual cycle and the luteal phase.


This seminar explores the physiology of the four phases of the menstrual cycle –focusing on the luteal phase – with the help of insights derived by Medulla’s research, an original comparative approach that is based on novel understanding of natural cycles applied to female physiology, their biomarkers and their relationship with hormones, lifestyle and social environment.

Medulla integrates comparative cycle studies, chronobiology and the German Sensiplan®, the scientific method for fertility awareness and early detection of hormonal imbalance.
Medulla frames menstrual health and related dis-ease as a healthy and shrewd process
for personal blooming, alert and protection against germs, poor decisions, toxic individuals and dead-ends.


1. Improve treatment options and outcomes of premenstrual disorders, by taking
action nearer to the root cause with more insightful tools, roadmaps, frameworks for
(self)care practices, awareness, and self-observation routines.
2. Body literacy and understanding will be strengthened.
3. Recognize a common biological blueprint which, in itself, can explain, inform and
influence the understanding and treatment of (pre)menstrual dis-ease.
4. Frame and analyze the signs and symptoms of the menstrual cycle by comparison
with other cycles in their own body (regardless of sex), natural world, cognitive
processes, archetypes.
5. Gather insights into the potential of body literacy and fem-tech for women’s health.
6. Stimulate imagination, wisdom, problem-solving and compassion in the practitioner.


  • the menstrual cycle beyond reproduction. Four phases in one vital sign: a        reporting process and navigation tool for blooming
  • the intrinsic value and characteristics of phase 4: luteal phase
  • premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder – symptoms and recording techniques
  • root causes of premenstrual symptoms
  • tools and techniques for self-awareness, interpreting and transforming symptoms

METHODOLOGY: 65% lecture with Power Point, hand drawings and videos, 30% Q&A and plenary discussion, 5% practical exercise

LANGUAGE: English, with informal support in Italian, German, Spanish and French if needed.

LOCATION: Trixiewiz e.V., Bernkasteler Strasse 78 – 13088 Berlin-Weißensee

DURATION: around 6 hours on Saturday 16th November 2019. We start at h11 in the morning and it will end at h18.30. Lunch and refreshments not provided.

SPEAKER: Anna M. Buzzoni, independent consultant specialized in the menstrual cycle, based in Berlin, Inner Circle member of the Menstrual Health Hub, international certification as Sensiplan™ teacher (scientific reading of estrogen and progesterone through three biomarkers, according  to the German method for fertility awareness and reproductive health). Anna is the creator of the brand Medulla – Cycles and Insights, an approach based on comparative research on cyclical patterns in nature and culture that helps people, business and ecosystems thrive.

Medulla – Wild Feminine Cycles is the program dedicated to the menstrual cycle. 


h11.00 – h13.30  / the menstrual cycle gives life to creatures, including
 The 4 phases of the menstrual cycle: physiology re-explained (lecture with drawings
and short quiz) based on Medulla’s distinctive perspective and anchored in state-of-
the-art natural fertility science, with notions of functional medicine and neurobiology.
The 4 phases mirrored in biological cycles regardless of sex and gender
LUNCH BREAK (not provided)
14.30 -15.00 informal discussion (optional)
15.00 – 18.30 / the luteal phase and progesterone “oh Lord please don’t let
me misunderstood”
 Focus on the intrinsic characteristics of the luteal phase.
 The good news about PMS/PMDD: lessons from Medulla, Dr. Robyn Stein De
Luca, Lara Briden, Sarah Gottfried on charting, food, sleep, pollution as well as
other factors.
 Discussion on charting techniques and period tracking apps: real opportunities and
IMPORTANT! Refreshments are not available at location, only water and restrooms.

This seminar is brought to you at an accessible price thanks to the time, space and
creativity of four Italian women and two associations.
– SALUTARE e.V. is the association for the promotion of mental health of the Italian
community in Germany. It works with patients, clinicians and active citizens in Italian, German and English. It was founded in Berlin in 2013 by a group of clinicians and migration experts to respond to the growing demand for information, network and training.
You can become member of Salutare e.V. @ the seminar.
– TRIXIEWIZ e. V. is a non-profit organization that transfers knowledge across cultures.
Particular importance is placed on critical dialogues involving politics, science, and the
diversity of cultures. It has been in operation in Berlin since 2003. Through political,
cultural, and educational programmes for people who have experienced migration and/or flight, they develop participatory strategies to combat racism and discrimination and initiate processes of self-empowerment.


Early bird until 1 st October
70€ early bird regular (lunch and snacks not included)
40€ Reduced early bird (for Salutare e.V. members , Trixiewix e.V. members, unemployed, students (please bring proof on 16th November and come 15 min earlier).

From the 2nd October
100€ Regular ticket (lunch and snacks not included)
60€ Reduced ticket (for Salutare e.V. members , Trixiewix e.V. members, unemployed,
students (please bring proof on 16th November and come 15 min earlier).

Find all info and buy your ticket on Eventbrite at https://bit.ly/2lVBUew


Tickets cannot be refunded but you can transfer them to a colleague or a friend. Just let
us know who’s coming at hello@annabuzzoni.com and let them have your ticket: no
entrance is possible without a ticket and a prior notification of the name of the person
attending in lieu.


Anna Maria Buzzoni – LinkedIn Profile
Garibaldistr. 26 – 13158 Berlin
Str.Nr. 35/217/02865
Web: http://www.annabuzzoni.com
Email: hello@annabuzzoni.com
Tel. 0176 29104158
FB: Medulla – Cicli Selvatici Femminili
YouTube: Medulla – Cicli Selvatici Femminili
Twitter: Studio Medulla – cycles and insights


RESERVE YOUR TICKET HEREhttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/premenstrual-disease-for-health-and-social-practitioners-tickets-71209013075

Link to the FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/435383623991802/



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